How to claim the warranty.

Follow this guide to learn how to claim warranty for purchase shoes.

Before the start read our “Warranty policy” Click Here

01. Upload Warranty Cliam Request
02. Wait For Our Approvel
03. Send Product to Our Stores

STEP 1.  Upload Warranty Claim Request

First, you need to request, you wanna claim warranties. Go to the request page and click the “warranty claim” option.

Check below example;

Fill all the details correctly. (Make sure double check). Then click send button.

Check below example;

After that, you will come to the ending page.

Check below example;

STEP 2.  Wait For Our Approvel

After your request, Our team will check your warranty claim request. As soon as possible we will inform you what to do next. ( Our response time can be up to 48hrs)

We communicate with you via email as you provided. Please keep checking your email inbox.

STEP 3.  Send Products To Our Stores

After our approval confirms, Then follow the below steps to sending your product to our stores. (our staff member contact with you via email)

1. Place your product in their box.

2. Pack the shipping box and applied return address label outside of the box. (we provide return address via email)

3. Drop the box at any certis lanka courier office location.

“After receiving your box to our stores. We will fix your shoes and send you as soon as possible.”


What does the shipping cost for the Warranty claims process?

You need to pay the shipping cost for your place to our store. We will pay to replace item shipping cost.

Your place to our stores’ shipping cost you need to pay.

Replace item: our store to your place delivery cost pay by kdenil shoes.


How I found the return address?

We will send you to return address via email as approval complete.

How many days have gone to fix my shoes?

It depends on your shoe issue. Time can be gone up to 14 days.

How do I know If I eligible for a claimed warranty?

Please read our “warranty policy” Click Here

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