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 “Wanna know if a guy is well dressed? Look down.” —George Frazier

“We work hard every day to accelerate your daily energy, by supplying comfortable shoes.”


Why Choose KDENIl SHOES?

Genuine leather excellent quality products with warranty. 

Secure and Easy Payments

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Best Customer Support

What Payments KDENIL SHOES Accept?

We accept Visa/Master card and also now we accept bank deposits. Read this for more details. Click Here

How Many Days Go To Shipping?

We deliver your order within 2-4 working days and now island wide delivery available.

What Is The Shipping Cost?

No minimum product purchase, No minimum cart amount. Enjoy “Free shipping for every product. “

How I Get Support?

You can contact us via live chat. Other options are you can contact us on our Official Facebook page. “KDENIL LEATHER SHOES”. Also, you can contact us via email. See more options. Click Here.

KDENIL SHOES is the best genuine leather shoes online shopping website in SL.

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